Okay, We are some anonymous group of people operating directly from your town, we have a secret mission, this is really a major part of our anonymous project, you had thought why we are not .com? yes, this is a part of our anonymous project.

Sorry, Just Jocking... We are not anonymous, this site you currently visiting is a project of the company CREATIVEGUN and all graphical works and ideas of the sites and even the contents are created by SCRUPLEVI.


So, then who we are?

Basically CREATIVEGUN is company mainly interested in graphical creative works including film making, photography and others, scrupleVI is mainly a nickname used by the main graphics editor, Okay it is true that we can not reveal his original name here because of some security issues.


Why konnagar.zz.mu?

We started our main progress from this city, we know well this city and we have many people to operate such a site in your locality and we feel that people need an all in one solution and an local online marketplace in this town and we are also interested in emerging in this local business.


How could you contact us?

just send a mail at admin@konnagar.zz.mu or just make a call directly to 7278321244.

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