Konnagar Coffee House an honest review

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We visited Konnagar Coffee House for the first time, but it was a total disappointment, our experience was bit of a mess. First of all the main point we feels to be offence is it’s publicity was overhyped by the municipality, and the name is offensive, we mean why coffee house? Not any restaurant or café? Ok if coffee house then why you are so aggressive to relate our coffee house nostalgia and feelings towards the “real” coffee house with your café? Repeated playback of that classic song about coffee house implies it, and don’t you think it feels really odd? Don’t ya?

When we stepped in the café the management itself looks quite good, the place was enough to be an awesome café, lighting was good, but the light temperature was very pain sticking towards our eyes.


Setups: Set up of this café is really really a mess, don’t know why they have put so many tables in this place so closed, easy to understand for a good profit, but it feels really odd to sit by a stranger so closed if you are visiting first time with your girlfriend, it feels like to be sitting in any wedding ceremony eating. It is so bad and it feels to shi*, really f*cked up.


Konnagar Coffee House Honest Review

Pic. Our Review of Konnagar Coffee House.


Price: Foods are overpriced, too much in compare with the amount of the foods.


Food Quality: Food quality itself is okay and fair. But we tried Chicken Tikka Kabab and it had black burn patched.


Coffee: The main attraction of a coffee house is if we are not wrong is coffee itself, but in this café, coffee is terribly bad, really so much bad. It tastes really bad.


Presentation: Really bad presentation, the serves coffee in polyester cups, why the hell you people don’t serve us coffee in cups?


Time: Time taken for their service is not that bad, but take really a great time.


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Service: We didn’t found too much anything offensive about their service, but it lacks dedicated staffs for serving deices and for payment.


Facilities: Why the hell you don’t offer any free WLAN AP or open wifi here? A café without networking is too much older.

We found these as most offensive about Konnagar Coffee House.


Remark: Waste of time.

Again all this remarks and opinions is our own, not expressed for any commercial purpose.


Konnagar Coffee House

Address: 165/, 3/9F, Criper Rd, Rammohan Place, Konnagar, West Bengal

Phone:033 2674 0021



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